Product Development & Customer Service

Morus helps to maximise the profitability of its business partners and delivers consumer satisfaction across the globe.

While offering a wide range of its own design & innovation. Morus also responds quickly to customised development needs through specially trained personnel that oversee the development process, to ensure quick sampling and accurate quotation.

• New range development is a year-round process. Every month we work and develop some new products with different concepts to surprise our clients.
• Travel and continual research of market trends means that we are always in touch with global trends and evolving market needs.
• Experts are on site and readily available for advice.
• A team of designers help us with new designs in product development.
• Some of the world’s finest master weavers are on hand for development and monitoring production.
• High capacity production and worldwide shipping.


morus International products range

Floor Coverings

Inspired by the diversity of Oriental, European and modern western cultures, We offers a diversified range of floor rugs which can be produced in all standard sizes or as per buyer’s specifications, using a number of compositions such as Cotton, Chindi, Denim, Wool, Jute, Hemp, Viscose, Acrylic & Natural Fibre Blends etc.
We deal in Pit loom, Kilims, Jacquard And Printed Durries, Along with Flokati, Embellished, Plain, Textured, Modern & traditional rugs.

Morus also offers one of the widest ranges of bathmats in the world. We do a variety of designs and work as per buyer’s requirements. We study markets & our team travels around the world to get the latest trends & techniques. We have a team that do extensive market research who then help development teams to give their best for the buyers.
Using advanced tufting machines and unique dyeing and finishing processes, just some of the options include tufted, patterned, embossed, high-end terry woven, chenille, space dyed & tie dye. We primarily use cotton, viscose, chenille, Micro fiber, Pet , acrylic with latex/rubber backing.

Poufs & Stools

We have a wide variety of Poufs & Stools in different techniques & materials ready for presentation at our showroom.


Cushions & Throws

Morus international products

We have a huge collection of cushions to cater different market segments like, kids, decorative, premium etc. We also manufacture throws in various compositions like Viscose, Cotton, Wool, Chenille, Acrylic, Pet yarn & polyester etc.

Hard Goods

We provide end to end services for value added products apart from our soft goods range, we arrange all home decor solutions to our clients starting from sourcing to bulk supplies. We have a strong network of different facilities that work on different product port folios. We keep a very keen set of eyes on quality checks. Our savant regularly visit factories to keep themselves updated with the latest developments in trend. We are well versed with the testing standards required for particular products & market. We take care of all consolidations and documentation & act as a full package provider for multi category supplies. Our clients save a lot of time and energy visiting different factories for different products especially that are in different locations. We give an advantage of timely deliveries of complete agglomerations.