Put your comfort to another level with the most adorable carpets.

Carpet has always been a popular choice among the homeowners throughout the world. It is the most authentic way to decor your house and happens to be the most cost efficient flooring option. Attractive and adorable carpets make your floors look refreshing charming and more welcoming.

Morusshop has come up with the plethora of carpet designs which are available to you at the most exciting prices which suits your pocket. And on the top of it, Morusshop is one of the brands, participating in the event of Domotex (a trade fair) in Germany.

According to the estimate some 1,400 exhibitors from 60 different countries will be arriving to Hannover at the outset of 2016 to achieve the overwhelming experience in the international carpet and floor coverings industry with product and new inventions.

To begin with a blend of traditional Artisan for 2016, the traditional way of artisan that is knotting of carpets has reinterpreted for the modern world. The blend of ancient craft and the traditional artisan have contemporary influences which, once again is creating the dominant trend in the Indian culture of carpets for 2016. It has been proved that this approach is one of the classy Oriental carpets with their one of the most beautiful conventional patterns, elegant and the stupendous creations by international designer. Domotex carpets has just not increased the living standards by adding the spark in the homes but also has produced the employment and has given the chance to carpet-maker’s art to the perfection.

Exclusive Artwork As always hand-made crafts have a charismatic phenomenon, then whether it is carpets and rugs handy crafts are always fascinating and very popular. Today the customers are looking for the more original, tieless and sustainable home accessories. Those are the masterpieces which are sophisticated, modern or traditional, complements the best of the furnishing schemes. Original, contemporary and ethnic designs are very much in demand, as are modern interpretations of traditional patterns.

Traditional knotted carpets all around the world Conventional knotted hand-made carpets in Domotex Fair have come into the trend in the foreign countries and now are also becoming popular in India. An Oriental carpet adds the much more ecstatic effect to the overall decor of the house or any place and brings a touch of cosy warmth to stark, optimizing the proper spaces with its rich patterning of astounding entrances. Over the centuries the new innovations has been emerging but still the few specific patterns and colour combinations are always been favoured by the carpet makers and buyers, and hence become classics of their kind.

Antique designs of the decade Antique carpets and rugs that tell their own story are also very popular. That is one of the unique ways of living high. Who doesn’t want to design the house of his dreams? And flooring is something that will be seen by your guests or visitors at the very first sight. And forget about guests for your own, you always envy of having contemporary floorings. They embody your longing for genuine, traditional values, and single pieces inject an exciting element of contrast into contemporary interiors. Antique carpets or the Morusshop at Domotex have a speciality that it creates an impression that last forever and hence increases the craze for antique carpets, whose charm will never fade away and will be felt a century or more later.

Therefore, connect with us in order to Live high.

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