Printed carpets that can intensify the overall look of your abode.

Carpet printing techniques offer you the wide range of options that intensifies the overall decor of your abode, office, business, church, school, night club, piano bar, dance club, hotel lobby, retail store, showroom, day-care, bowling alley, skating rink, arcade, or any place used for special purpose, location. There are uncountable patterns available for every type printed carpet projects.  Though there are many options of printed carpets but “Morusshop” has brought to you some of the most popular and unusual designs within the most pocket friendly prices.

Here we provide you with options with any specifications. No matter what size or custom shape you have in mind. Morusshop has the customize approach from smaller carpets to door mats, and from spacious wall-to-wall carpeting to trade show carpets, it has it all.

The personalized printed carpets flooring are durable, slide resistant and are incredibly safe.

 Why you should buy

Generally these are the questions what a customer usually have.  See, before buying any product, one should be very much sure about the quality and the price of the product. Now when it comes to buying a printed carpet, make sure that you have the appropriate floor measurements needed for the area and the proper installation tactics.

Here, we have some of the most trending printed carpets design available.

Floral Patterns

Nothing speaks warmth like a floral carpeting pattern, whether it’s large blossoms or delicate flowers. Currently the most trending fashion includes light pastel shaded flowers in pale tones that resemble real outdoor flowers. There are also bold floral patterns that reflect some of the most beautiful gardens ever created.

Geometric Shapes

Another type of patterns are “Geometric carpet” patterns with the plethora of different shapes, be it in circles, squares, triangles, rectangles or even lines. The unique geometrical designs create the major stir on the carpet design of your abode upfront. These fun patterns are great if you have a Modern or Contemporary decorated home.

Go Ornate

Ornate carpet patterns are rich in color and designs, there speciality is they add a sparking view to your home and make it all together an ingeniously designed plush that can make any room of the home a major focal point.

Great Exotics

Morusshop carpet manufacturers are putting efforts in creating the standard carpeting choices with Oriental, as well as Persian-influenced designs. Therefore, for you it is possible to install carpet which will look like the one of these popular stand-alone rugs.

Antique and Revival

Well uniqueness and antique designs are the one we are known for. Morusshop has been delivering services over the years and that is the reason why we have come up with the numerous patterns available that resemble antique and revival period carpets every year.

Eco-Friendly Finds

If you’re the one into being green, we are here with many options of carpet patterns created with eco-friendly materials such as recycled and refurbished fibers. Let’s make one step towards the nature.

So, these are some of the points that you actually consider while thinking why you should buy a printed carpet. Rest Morusshop professionals will help you in case of any confusion. Connect with us at, for any queries or assistance.

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